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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Khoya from milk powder

Mava from milk powder: Most of our indian sweets require mava as main ingredient..Not a problem in India but if you are living abroad it's hard to find mava even in shops. making traditionally is a long procedure, then we try to look for recepis that are without mava...but no more here present mava made of milk powder and ready in 15 mins to use. now can make sweets with mava

1 cup milk powder
water to knead the powder
muslin cloth
vessel to steam
pressure cooker

Take milk powder.

 knead it like chapati dough not too tight bit loose.

Take muslin cloth. put the dough on it. now sprinkle some water

Then tie the cloth to form a bundle. put the bundle in a vessel in a pressure cooker with water for steaming.

 Cook it for 2 whistles, switch the gas off. Let it cool down then open the cooker. Unknot the bundle. leave it to cool completele. it'll seem sticky before but will become dry once cooled.

Your mava is ready to use.

other alternatives for mava:
  • unsalted ricotta cheese, cook it for 5 mins.
  • cream+milk powder
  • condensed milk


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